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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2022, Volume: 15, Issue: 44, Pages: 2386-2392

Original Article

A Cross-sectional Assessment of Gwalior Residents’ Reports of Adverse Reactions to the COVID-19 Immunization

Received Date:07 April 2022, Accepted Date:15 August 2022, Published Date:30 November 2022


Objectives: Many people around the world are worried about the safety and adverse effects of the coronavirus SARS CoV2 vaccine. The study’s goal was to document the side effects experienced by Gwalior residents who had received vaccinations. The other objective includes, to evaluate the potential risk factors associated with Covishield and Covaxin vaccination. Methods: Participants who had received one or both doses of any of the provided vaccines were surveyed using a cross-sectional survey (Covaxin, Covishield). The study enrolled 886 people in total. A large majority of those who received the vaccine had never been exposed to SARS CoV2 before (77.2 percent). Covishield (57.6%), followed by Covaxin (42.4%), was the most commonly prescribed medication in the study. Findings: There were several reported side effects following the first dosage of the vaccine, including discomfort at injection site (79.6%), weariness (52.8%), myalgia (36.5%), headache (34.2%), and chills (38.6%). (31.5 percent). Nausea was the most common gastrointestinal adverse effect, with 14.8% of patients reporting it, followed by appetite loss with 8.9% and diarrhea with 8.9%, respectively (5.7 percent). Each of the second doses of immunizations necessitated hospitalization in only one patient. People in Gwalior had higher side effects with the Covishield vaccine than the Covaxin vaccine, according to this research. Novelty: Large sample size and consideration of randomization technique distinguish this work from others. Analysis of Demographic information with GI distress is a newly performed task.

Keywords: Covid19; Vaccine; Side effects; Symptoms; Immunization


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