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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2011, Volume: 4, Issue: 3, Pages: 339-342

Original Article

A first report on isolation of DNA in Bryocladia thwaitesii (Harvey ex J. Agardh) Detoni (red alga) using Nano vue UV spectrophotometer suitable for molecular biological studies


Bryocladia thwaitesii (Harvey ex J. Agardh) Detoni, is a commercially important red algae finding wide use in pharmaceutical, cosmetics, nutraceutical industries. However there is no work was made on the DNA isolation which is the key step for further improvement of its yield. Here, for the first time we report the DNA isolation suitable for molecular biological studies and the quality and quantity of the DNA is reported in comparison with the green alga (Ulva covelongenesis V. Krishnamoorthy and H.Joshi). Optimization of DNA isolation was done in these algae by adopting different methods. In the optimization process, different DNA isolation methods were followed. A better result in terms of purity and yield was obtained in method suggested by Wattier et al. (2000) modification by Dellaporta et al. (1983). Quantitative analysis made using Nano vue UV spectrophotometer sets as a pioneering effort in the B. thwaitesii. The DNA isolated by this protocol from two seaweeds, both the purity of DNA as well as concentration were very high i.e., 1.772 and 594.5 mg/µl respectively in B. thwaitesii. In U. covelongenesis the purity of DNA was 1.763 and concentration of DNA 569.5 mg/µl, which was fairly high in other protocols studied, the purity of DNA ranged from 1.444 to 1.640 and concentration of DNA ranged from 71 to 463 ngm/µl. All the experiments were performed by keeping the green alga U. covelongenesis as standard for comparison. The DNA isolation protocol indentified in the present investigation in the seaweed B. thwaitesii would become well suited for PCR amplification and genomic library construction.
Keywords: Bryocladia thwaitesii, Ulva covelongenesis, DNA isolation, Nano vue UV spectrophotometer


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