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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2023, Volume: 16, Issue: Special Issue 3, Pages: 30-38

Original Article

A Mathematical Model for Treatment of Differentiated Thyroid Cancer using Radioactive Iodine

Received Date:06 February 2023, Accepted Date:11 August 2023, Published Date:20 November 2023


Objectives: This study describes a mathematical model with radioactive iodine therapy for differentiated thyroid cancer using a system of non-linear ordinary differential equations. Methods: The four non-linear ordinary differential equations in the proposed model are concentration of thyroglobulin, interleukin concentration, the number of cancer cells, and concentration of radioactive iodine. Findings: This model displays two equilibria, including a drug-free steady state and a drug steady state. This study has created a standard for the radioactive iodine threshold level that the system must reach in order to lower the number of cancer cells. Using parameters obtained from experimental data, numerical simulations are used to support the analytic results. Novelty: The model makes it simple to investigate the effects of radioactive iodine deletion on disease-specific morbidity and recurrence rate. The costs of drug discovery and development can be offset with the use of mathematical modelling and simulations of modifying treatments, which can also promote the creation of new treatments.

Keywords: Mathematical Modelling, Thyroid Cancer, Non­Linear System of ordinary Differential Equations, Stability Analysis, Asymptotically Stable


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