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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2016, Volume: 9, Issue: 35, Pages: 1-7

Original Article

The Collective Copyright Authentication Scheme Merging Collaborators’ Rights on the Wisdom Contents


Objectives: As wisdom contents are themselves the thought of people, the contents are made through collaboration of many authors in common, and there exists many duplicated or similar contents also. Methods/Statistical Analysis: Existing copyright authentication schemes mainly focus on the protection of primary author’s right. The collaborators’ rights are subordinated to the primary author. Thus, there needs to be a new scheme that could represent multiple rights on the wisdom contents. We propose the copyright protection scheme suitable for the wisdom contents. The proposed scheme consists of copyright registration, copyright creation and copyright add protocols. The primary author requests the center to do registration of the copyright. The center verifies the primary author’s signature, and if it is valid, the center registers the copyright to the DB. Findings: In this study, we propose the collective copyright authentication scheme. It can merge collaborators’ rights to the existing primary author’s right. It is consisted of collective copyright registration, generation, add and verification protocols. We prove that our scheme is secure against masquerade attack, and the primary author and collaborators cannot deny multiple authorship. The proposed scheme could be extended to make multiple rights by combining each right of similar contents also. In Information Society, as the people’s thoughts are varying each other, the types of software contents are much more various compared to the hardware based products. In this paper, we propose the dynamic copyright protection scheme in which creating and combining multiple authors’ rights are possible. The proposed scheme ensures the right of the primary author and can add the select collaborator’s right. It also could make the business model flexible to provide weighted profit distribution according to the level of developers. Application/Improvements: Due to these properties of our scheme, it’s possible to create or extend the business model which is suitable for trading contents of Collective Intelligence.
Keywords: Authentication, Collaboration, Collective Copyright, Collective Intelligence, Copyright Protection


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