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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2023, Volume: 16, Issue: 12, Pages: 862-871

Original Article

A New Formulation of Generalized Equation of State (GEOS) based on Finite Strain Theory and Comparison with other Equations of State (EOSs)

Received Date:29 December 2022, Accepted Date:22 February 2023, Published Date:25 March 2023


Objective: To formulate the equation of state as well as their isothermal bulk modulus using the basic laws of thermodynamics and Identities. Method: This study has considered a relation of Eulerian finite strain having two arbitrary parameters a2 and b2 (a2,b2  1). The salient feature of this equation of state is that by substituting the values of parameters, the expressions for the prominent equations of state and their bulk modulus can be obtained. Findings : Four prototype solids viz. MgO, CaO, NaCl, and Al2O3 have been applied to the equation of state to test its validity and applicability. The results were compared with experimental data and other equations of state. Consequently, the proposed equation of state exhibits the same trend as prominent equations of state and provides better results. It corresponds well with the experimental curve at high pressure. Novelty: The GEOS can be used in the future for planning high-pressure experiments on the compression behavior of several materials, minerals, and solids.

Keywords: The Eularian Finite Stain Theory; Equation of State; Prototype Solids; High Pressure


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