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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2013, Volume: 6, Issue: 8, Pages: 1-12

Original Article

A New Method for Islanding Detection the Grid Connected Inverters in Case of Unbalanced Loads


One of the facing problems in distributed generation is being unintentionally islanded which the detection of this phenomenon is of great importance. Common methods are active and passive islanding detection. These two methods are based on changing in parameters such as frequency, voltage and current harmonics. If, after the islanding occur, this changes are revealing and visible, islanding phenomenon is demonstrated which is detected by passive methods. If the generated power of inverter is equal to local loads consumption and assuming of the generated reactive power of grid connected inverter equal to zero, it should be detected by active methods but these two methods have some challenges such as reduction in power quality or wide Non Detection Zone (NDZ). In this paper, in proposed method, change of a new parameter will be studied for islanding detection diagnosis. With the difference that the studied system is a three phase system and unbalanced load is studied which is more consistent to reality. Because of small changes in parameters, we have to find the right approach toward active methods. Generally there are two views about the islanding performance. At first view, this phenomenon is seems negatively but in fact this is an opportunity. The first view suggests that all generators in the island should bring out of grid within a maximum of two seconds. In this view the concept of anti-islanding protection is proposed to tackle the task of creating such islands. The second view expresses the concept of micro grid. In this case as far as possible, power required by Inner Island loads were provided by distributed generators. The studied system was similar to standard IEEE-1547 and UL-1741. With the difference that we used three phase and local loads are assumed unbalanced. Conventional active detection methods are not able to identify the island with the aim to help keep it stable. They usually try to bring out the electrical parameters such as voltage and frequency from nominal limits. So in micro grids the island should be diagnosed using passive or remote techniques. Note that detection time of 2 seconds which is referred to on standards is not good and the detection time must be lower than this value. However, the proposed method that is one of the active detection methods is capable for use in micro grids. Simulation results using PSIM software on standard network shows the effectiveness of the proposed method. 
Keywords: Islanding, Unbalanced Loads, dq-frame, Phase Locked Loop (PLL), Non Detection Zone (NDZ), Micro-grid. 


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