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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2022, Volume: 15, Issue: 10, Pages: 457-467

Original Article

A Novel Fast Color Image Encryption Algorithm based on 2D-Hybrid Maps

Received Date:14 December 2021, Accepted Date:19 February 2022, Published Date:14 March 2022


Objectives: To design a fast and efficient color image encryption technique using 2D Duffing, Henon and Tinkerbell maps. Methods: The presented work employs the confusion-diffusion-confusion structure for encryption. Pixel-level scrambling is undertaken in the first phase of confusion, and the scrambled image is diffused using the Exclusive-OR operation. Finally, bit-level permutation is used for improved security. This work makes use of the 44 samples from the USC-SIPI image database. Findings: The presented color image encryption technology's performance is quantitatively compared with two recent techniques and observed that the proposed work reduces time by 81.2%. Novelty: This work employs a confusion-diffusion-confusion framework which increases algorithmic security by 47.8%. Further, a novel key generation scheme is designed to generate dynamic and input image-sensitive keys. Applications/Improvements: The simple Exclusive-OR operation-based diffusion that is devised significantly minimizes encryption time, thereby making it ideal for real-time applications.

Keywords: Encryption, Chaos, Sensitivity, Entropy, Histogram


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