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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2023, Volume: 16, Issue: 40, Pages: 3549-3558

Original Article

A Review on Demand Side Management in an Indian Village: Scope and Challenges

Received Date:19 March 2023, Accepted Date:04 September 2023, Published Date:31 October 2023


Objectives: This study reviews the scopes and challenges of Integrated Resource Planning in power distribution system of an Indian tribal village Dedali-B. This study supports to the management of the demand of power, especially in rural place. Method: The optimal scheduling of the studied Demand Side Management has been observed using Binary Particle Swarm Optimization taking the management of the demand in mind. The BPSO is capable to handle binary variable hand has the property of parallelism, scalability and adaptability and converge to good solutions quickly when Demand Side Management is concerned. Findings: The Integrated resource planning in power distribution system has been conducted for minimizing of energy consumption in this paper through simulation. It is found that in village Dedali-B, through scheduling of the loads using BPSO, the bill of energy consumption reduces to ~15% when commercial loads are considered. Also, it was observed through the comparative study of residential and agricultural loads before and after demand response that the peak load is reduced to 9.12% while cost is reduced 6.57%. The peak to average ratio is reduced 21.95%. Novelty: A specific ideology suitable for implementation of integrated resource planning through optimization and DMS supports the demand management and reduces the costs. It has been examined through a test case of tribal village Dedali-B of Dhar district in India.

Keywords: Demand­side management, demand and supply, integrated resource planning, distributed generation, distributed energy resources


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