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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2016, Volume: 9, Issue: 25, Pages: 1-5

Original Article

A Study of the Second Digit to Forth Digit Ratio targeting Taekwondo Athletes


Background/Objectives: The Second Digit (2D) to Forth Digit (4D) ratio is widely used as an indirect biological indicator that represents the prenatal sex hormone environment. This study was conducted to identify the relationships between the 2D:4D ratio and sexual dimorphism, BMI, exercise capacity and handedness targeting taekwondo athletes. Methods/ Statistical Analysis: Data was collected using a self-report questionnaire and the scanning of both hands from July to October 2015, targeting a total of 224 taekwondo athletes including 84 national team athletes (51 males and 33 females) and 140 collegiate athletes (100 males and 40 females). The self-report questionnaire was composed of items necessary for measurement of BMI and exercise capacity such as gender, age, height, weight, type of handedness, award-winning experience, etc. Findings: As a result, the 2D:4D ratio of left-handedness showed a statistically significant difference in sexual dimorphism and the 2D:4D ratio between left-handedness and right-handedness showed a statistically significant correlation for both males and females. However, there was not a statistically significant correlation between the 2D:4D ratio and BMI index in left-handedness and right-handedness for both males and females. Application/Improvements: The findings of this study are meaningful in that they can be used as basic data necessary to find and nurture talented students with excellent qualities for becoming a taekwondo athlete.  
Keywords: Correlation, Digit Ratio, Sexual Dimorphism, Statistical Analysis, Taekwondo 


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