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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2016, Volume: 9, Issue: 20, Pages: 1-5

Original Article

A Study on Outputting the Shape of Carpus using Medical Image and 3D Printer


Background/Objectives: This research is an experimental research to output the DICOM image of carpus through 3D printer and to confirm the identity of 3D medical image and the shape. An experimental analysis was conducted as follows: First, the size on the 3D medical image and the length of the shape output through 3D printer were measured and compared using Digital Vernier Calipers; second, the anatomical forms and shapes before and after an experimental study were evaluated based on a survey of evaluators composed of 10 medical imaging experts and the results were reflected. Methods/Statistical Analysis: The purpose of an experiment in this research is to contribute to improving learning effects by manufacturing a phantom for medical learning about carpus and to establishing a clinical diagnosis and treatment plan. Carpus was used as the object of an experiment. The reason is that since carpus has the very irregular and smallest bones in human body, it has advantages in comparing the precision of a manufactured shape and improves educational understanding in medical learning. Findings: According to the research results, the length of the longitudinal plane in carpus used for the experiment was 120 mm equally in the medical image and the shape output through 3D printer. As the results of comparing the form and shape of carpus output through 3D printer with DICOM image of carpus, radiologists represented 16% for Good and 84% for Very Good and radiological technicians represented 2% for Fair, 20% for Good and 78% for Very Good. Improvements: In conclusion, if the material equivalent to human body can be developed and its shape can be output through 3D printer, the learning effects through a phantom is expected to be greatly improved.

Keywords: Carpus, DICOM Image, Phantom, Shape, 3D Printer


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