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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2021, Volume: 14, Issue: 34, Pages: 2761-2765

Original Article

A Study on Radiation Safety Awareness amongst the Healthcare Professionals of Private Hospital in Vadodara

Received Date:16 July 2021, Accepted Date:03 September 2021, Published Date:25 October 2021


Background/Objective: The study aimed to assess the level of awareness of radiation safety amongst the Healthcare Professionals in the Private Hospital of Vadodara. Radiation protection tries to avoid the detrimental effects of ionizing radiation by reducing unnecessary radiation exposure. With the increased utilization of radiological investigations, it is essential for referrers to be aware of the harms associated with ionizing radiation to avoid unnecessary exposure for Healthcare Professionals. Methods/Statistical Analysis: This descriptive cross-sectional study in nature where the Healthcare Professionals who are willing to participate will be included in the study. In evaluating the level of awareness 62 Healthcare professionals we used close-ended structured questionnaire which include 8 statements was used for evaluating radiation safety status. The questionnaires used included personal and general questions and its validity and reliability had been confirmed. Findings: A total of 62 healthcare professionals participated in the study. The majority of individual participants whose age is between 20-30 Years, their awareness regarding radiation safety is very well. The participants whose experience between 1-5 years having more knowledge about radiation safety as compared to the other groups whose experience is less than 6 months and greater than 5 years. 90% of the participants were aware about the radiation safety policy of the hospital so it can be stated that the p values of the Chi-square Test are higher than the significant value of 0.05. Novelty/Applications: The study addresses an important aspect which is related to the operational quality of the hospital. Radiation safety is an area of concern because of the safety threats faced by the staff, patients and patient relatives. Assessing the level of awareness among the staff will help in better and planned preparedness of hospital with respect to radiation safety.

Keywords: Radiation Safety; Awareness; Healthcare Professionals; Hospital


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