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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2016, Volume: 9, Issue: 36, Pages: 1-10

Original Article

A Study on the Types of Effective Climatic Conditions and Parameters Producing Sediment and Sedimentation in Dams’ Reservoirs (Case Study: Lali Area, Khuzestan, Iran)


Background/Objectives: Since sediment and sedimentation are very significant in civil projects specifically in dams’ reservoirs, it is essential to scrutinize this issue and its influential conditions and parameters. Climatic conditions are identified as one of the important factors in this regard. Hence, this study aims to investigate these conditions as well as the parameters affecting sedimentation in basins and sediment conditions specially water catchments with high potential to make erosion and produce sediment1 . Karun basin is considered as one of these basins in which Lali area is located. Methods: The amount of sedimentation relies on the area’s climatic parameters including the height, temperature, relative moisture, day light hours, wind, evaporation, rainfall, freezing and, etc. The current research considers Lali area, Khuzestan province, as a conceptual-sedimentary model and analyzes its variables. Results: It is determined that rainfall and height parameters affect erosion and sedimentation the most, while the day light hours and freezing affect them the least. A huge amount of sediments made by erosion are transported from the upstream of the water catchment to the downstream and they are sometimes settled in the area and plain of Lali. Conclusions: It is essential to search for suitable alternatives to diminish damages resulted from erosion, transportation and sediment settlement along the sediments direction specifically in dams reservoirs. This research is directed into determining the conditions of sediments and their relation with Lali area’s influential parameters and conditions. Holistically, the outcomes can pave the way for researchers to conduct studies on dam construction.
Keywords: Climatic Parameters, Dams Reservoirs, Lali Area, Khuzestan, Sediment


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