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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2022, Volume: 15, Issue: 48, Pages: 2727-2739

Original Article

Adoption of Cloud Enabling Cyber-Security Model in Organizations

Received Date:12 August 2022, Accepted Date:29 October 2022, Published Date:27 December 2022


Objectives: To carry out a systematic review on Cloud Computing (CC) security problems in order to suggest a cyber-security model for a secure CC environment. Methods: ResearchGate, PLOS One, MDPI, Wiley, Springer, Scopus, IEEE Xplore, IOP Conf. Series, and TechScience Press are used as sources in this research. Cloud security, risks to CC, issues with the current models, and the proposed model are among the significant keywords included in this article. Analysis and evaluation of the cloud computing security models have been conducted on the basis of factors like the technology used, authorization, security level, malicious insiders, VPN, encryption, etc. Findings: After doing comprehensive study of the previous models, it was analyzed that the client service provider’s (CSP) are focusing on their own security but not of client’s security. One problem is that there is no real set of standards to measure cloud security. Encryption key should be known to client only. Also, clients are not aware of security policies of CSPs. Furthermore, to overcome some issues certification programs should be there for CSPs so that clients are able to judge the CSPs according to their needs. Lastly, periodical awareness programs should be conducted for both CSP and client employees. Novelty: In this research a security model is proposed in which it is tried to implement solutions to various threats like hacking, unauthorized access of data, data encryption and authentication. It has proposed to develop a Cyber Security Model (CSM) for improvement of security features of cloud when it is used by organizations. In this study features like Single Sign-On for users to get proper authorization; key supervision is used for encryption of data and VPN controller is implemented to guard data from hackers have been added.

Keywords: Cloud Computing; CyberSecurity; Cloud Security Challenges; Data Protection; Security Model


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