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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2016, Volume: 9, Issue: 11, Pages: 1-8

Original Article

Peculiarities of Psychological Readiness of Choosing a Profession for High School Students from Arctic Uluses


Background/Objectives: The purpose of the article is to reveal the psychological readiness problems of senior pupils in the Arctic region for the choice of profession and to identify the system of psycho-pedagogical support for occupational guidance of senior pupils at Arctic schools in close relationship of educational establishments and social institutions. Methods: The study used the methods for psychological readiness detection in school leavers for the choice of profession in the three northern uluses of the republic, the results of sociological research among NEFU freshmen aimed at studying awareness of the occupational training selection. The data acquisition method included questionnaire survey using remote survey system under the “Freshman-2014” Program, which is held annually by the department of development and examination of valuation funds of the NEFU Department of Education Quality Assurance to study students’ satisfaction with the quality of education and the “Graduate-2015” sociological research at the end of a professional training. Findings: The article reveals the peculiarities of psychological problems and readiness of the Arctic school leavers for the choice of profession and justifies the system of psycho-pedagogical support for career guidance in the Arctic regions. Based on the obtained results, a system of occupational guidance was developed which provides assistance in the choice of profession, choice of Unified State Examination subjects for high school admission, the formation of the self-assessment of students’ opportunities for future occupation, new forms of work, such as Remote Fair of occupations, teaching classes, Junior Pedagogical Academy, Junior Medical Academy, academic competitions, training courses, etc. The occupational training of high school students requires consolidating the efforts of school, parents and the public. School leavers should know what specialists are necessary for their native village and learn to see the prospects for further development of the North. The education system of the North indigenous minorities with teaching in their native language allows saving the culture, national traditions and language of the people. The priority lines of NEFU educational activities to train specialists for the North have been identified; they include sustainable environmental management, environmental safety, education in the North, the development of the culture of peoples of the North. The graduates will receive the degree of Bachelor of Circumpolar Regional Studies of the Arctic University in addition to their major field of study. The training according to the Bachelors’ program “Primary Education and Tutoring in the North Basic Ungraded (Nomadic) School” and Masters’ program “Pedagogical Support of Childhood in the North” has been established. Application/Improvements: Psychopedagogical support for occupational guidance in the Arctic uluses will improve the graduates’ psychological preparedness to the choice of profession. The model of psychological and pedagogical support can be used in the practice of schools, training courses, colleges and universities of the republic.

Keywords: Arctic, Choice of Profession, Occupational Guidance, Psychological Readiness, Psycho-pedagogical Support


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