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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2019, Volume: 12, Issue: 19, Pages: 1-9

Original Article

Amelioration of Physico-Chemical Parameters and Phytotoxicity of Landfill Leachate by Microbial Degradation


Objective: To understand the effect of microbial treatment on physico-chemical parameters and phytotoxicity of leachate arising from degradation of municipal solid waste. Methods and statistical Analysis: Landfill leachate samples were collected from a municipal landfill site in Mumbai, India at different phases of its degradation cycle. The leachate was subjected to anaerobic treatment using microbial consortium based product CleanMaxx ANB followed by its counterpart CleanMaxx for aerobic treatment. Post treatment, the physico-chemical properties were analysed and the phytotoxicity was assessed using seed germination assay. The results were interpreted using ANOVA. Findings: The physicochemical parameters of the old and fresh leachate samples were analyzed after biological treatment where the percentage COD reduction was 18.97% and 53.87%; percentage ammoniacal nitrogen reduction was 22.78% and 58.8 %; percentage reduction in TDS was 24.8% and 34.76%; percentage reduction in TSS was 24.05% and 23.5% and percentage colour reduction was 25.01% and 34.35% for old and fresh leachate respectively. The aging of landfill leachate sample may have reduced its biodegradable fraction with the increase in the concentration of high molecular compounds and highly toxic compounds, which may hinder with the microbial degradation process. The seed germination bioassay using Cicer arietinum (Bengal gram) seeds revealed that the percentage germination of seeds exposed to untreated leachate samples (both old and fresh) was 11.1 and 22.2% respectively (p<0.05). Microbial treatment of both these samples improved the germination percentage to 88.8% in both cases. Application/Improvements: The improvement in physicochemical properties and reduction in phytotoxicity indicates that the microbial remediation of landfill leachate could treat the top soils and groundwater tables at contaminated sites, making the surrounding land arable.
Keywords: Landfill, Leachate, Microbial Degradation, Phytotoxicity


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