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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2024, Volume: 17, Issue: 10, Pages: 949-954

Original Article

An Alternative Method for Finding the Critical Path of the Network in Fuzzy Time Cost Trade off Problem

Received Date:13 December 2023, Accepted Date:08 February 2024, Published Date:27 February 2024


Background : The critical path approach is used to determine the network's longest path, according to historical records. This study examines a different approach to determining the construction network's longest path. Method: Here, the network is viewed as a directed acyclic graph, and the critical path of the network is found using the longest path algorithm of the network. To find the best answer for a building project, the longest path that was found was integrated into a linear programming issue. The triangle fuzzy variable defines all of the project's inputs. The 992 square foot building area is incorporated, and three project manager’s quotes are used as a triangular fuzzy variable. Findings : This work has the options of getting quotation from the project managers, convert them as the fuzzy variables such as triangular fuzzy variable, Trapezoidal fuzzy variable and pentagonal fuzzy variable. After the network is converted into a linear programming problem using the fully fuzzy mathematical model, the best possible solution is found. Novelty and applications : Alternative method for critical path of the network has been incorporated. It has been found that the proposed method reduces the time to find the critical path of the larger networks.

Keywords: Directed Acyclic Graph, Longest Path Algorithm, Triangular Fuzzy Variable, Fuzzy Linear Programming Problem, Fully Fuzzy Mathematical Model


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