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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2016, Volume: 9, Issue: 21, Pages: 1-9

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An Efficient Object Oriented Design Model: By Measuring and Prioritizing the Design Metrics of UML Class Diagram with Preeminent Quality Attributes


In Software Engineering, non-functional quality attributes plays a major part in the design phase. The conflicts among quality attributes will smash up the overall software quality. Due to many changes in the requirements, may affect the overall design quality. It is very important to maintain the quality in the former stages of SDLC. In order to overcome the conflicts among attributes and to design quality software, a work is proposed to create an Efficient Object Oriented Design Model (EOODM), by Measuring and Prioritizing the Quality Metrics of UML Class Diagram. The above model works in three steps as, 1) The conflicts quality attributes are managed by creating generic rules, 2) The measurement is done by quantify the Object Oriented Design metrics of a class diagram. 3) The priority will be given to the attributes by equivalence partitioning of the quality metrics. However, all the design is done by using UML diagrams, especially the Class Diagram, where they are the ruler for the developers. We are in a position to measure and estimate the software quality attributes along with the quality metrics. By measuring the Design Metrics of Class Diagram leads to Preeminent Quality Software. This model will help the designers to evaluate a better software system.The main aim is to enhance the software design by improving the design metrics of UML class diagram.
Keywords: Class Diagram, Design Metrics, Efficient Object Oriented Design Model, Quality Attributes


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