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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2019, Volume: 12, Issue: 6, Pages: 1-8

Original Article

An Improved Data Hiding Technique using Context Aware System


Objectives: The study presents a novel DH (Data Hiding) technique which is the combination of DH and context aware system (CAS) for developing/improving the conventional DH scheme. It ensures that the decoder/receiver authenticity before proceeding into the decode process. Methods/Statistical Analysis: This validation operation is performing in three different layers using the CAS properties. The decode action is performed based on the validation result by the proposed system at receiver side. In detail, if the decoder validation is success then he/she may permit to decode the encoded data by Modified Steganography for Image Decode (MSID) process else the system will give another chance to make their validation. If the validation is failed maximum of three times then the system will be deleted the encoded without the knowledge of the receiver. Findings: This feature has been added with the conventional DH system. The proposed system is divided into two different stages of DH and validation using CAS. The secret image is hiding inside of the known image using Modified Steganography for Image encode (MSIE) process and the validation parameters of the user name, location where the decode should be performed and time schedule are appended and it sent to the receiver in the sender side. He/ she must perform the validation process and the CAS will take a decision based on the validation result once the receiver/ decoder received the data. As the outcome of this system, the intruder can’t be access the encoded data 99%, the strengthen ratio is improved up to 95% than the existing scheme, the secret data is reconstructed without any loss, it can ensure the reliability, availability and confidentiality of the secret data up to 98%. Application/Improvements: It has implemented for the clandestine image/data transmission between sender and receiver using CAS. 

Keywords: Context Aware System, Data Hiding, Data Hiding Technique, Receiver, Secret Data, Sender


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