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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2010, Volume: 3, Issue: 12, Pages: 1210-1213

Original Article

Analysis of anthropometry, body composition and performance variables of young Indian athletes in southern region


The purpose of this study was to analyze the anthropometry and body composition associated with performance of university level male track and field athletes of South India. This study was conducted on 93 track and field athletes from South India, comprised of 22 sprinters (100 & 200 mts), mean age 19.5 years, height 172.1 cm and weight 68.2 kg, 20 middle distance runners (800 & 1500 mts), mean age 19 yrs, height 166.8 cm and weight 62.5 kg, 16 long distance runners (5000 & 10000 mts), mean age 18.7 years, height 167.2 cm and weight 62.1 kg, 20 throwers, (shot, discus & hammer throw), mean age 19 years, height 170.8 cm and weight 72.6 kg and jumpers (High, long & triple jump), mean age 18.3 years, height 169.9 cm and weight 64.1 kg. Besides height and weight, six skin folds (triceps, chest, subscapular, abdomen, suprailiac & calf), two bicondylar breadths (humerus & femur) and two girths (biceps & calf) were measured. Somatotype evaluations were made according to Carter and Heath (1990) method. BMI was calculated as body mass divided by square of height (kg/m2 ). The somatochart indicated that sprinters and middle distance runners are ectomorphic mesomorphs, long distance runners are mesomorph ectomorphs while throwers are endomorphic mesomorphs. The jumpers fell into the somatotype category of balanced mesomorphs. Among all groups body fat percent is lowest in sprinters (6.23±0.83%) and highest in throwers (7.38±0.85%). This was reflected in their endomorphic components which is lowest in sprinters (2.53±0.45) and highest in throwers (3.39±0.65). Ectomorphic component is highly marked in long distance runners (3.56±0.65) while mesomophy was highest in sprinters (4.31±0.91). Throwers have significantly higher values of skin folds than other groups. Compared to their overseas counterparts, the athletes of both track and field events in the present study exhibited greater endomorphic values. The present data will serve as a reference standard for the anthropometry and body composition of south Indian track and field athletes.
Keywords: Body composition, Somatotype, Endomorphic, Ectomorphic, Mesomorphic, Anthropometric. 


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