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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2018, Volume: 11, Issue: 12, Pages: 1-13

Original Article

Analysis of the Experimental and Theoretical Performance of the Two-dimension Concentrating Solar Collector


Objective: Due to the problems of environmental pollution and near future depletion of crude oil, which the main source of energy solar energy becomes an important alternative energy source. Therefore, this work focuses on the potential use of solar energy in driving cooling and refrigeration systems. Methods/Statistical Analysis: For this purpose, a twodimensional glazed compound parabolic concentrator solar system is designed and fabricated to operate in Iraq, (Hilla city 32.4o latitude and 44.4o longitude), weather conditions. The absorber consists of a flat plate with serpentine copper tube with 28.575 mm diameter. The CPC has the following dimensions (250 cm length, 92 cm aperture width, 20 cm absorber width and 90 cm height). The solar radiation intensity is measured by Watchdog 2000 Series weather Station. Water is used as the circulating fluid where two mass flow low rates are tested. Findings: The results show that the minimum and maximum measured solar intensity during 2016 in Iraq is 399 W/m2 and 1039 W/m2 respectively while the maximum summer temperature is 50oC. The maximum glazed and unglazed absorber temperatures are recorded in August, which are 148oC and 120oC respectively while the reflector and aperture glazing temperatures are 69oC and 43oC respectively. The maximum measure hot water temperature is 9oC at a flow rate of 0.0277 kg/s and 94oC and a flow rate of 0.0377 kg/s. It is also found that the a maximum thermal efficiency of 67% is obtained at a flow rate of 0.0277 kg/s while it increases to 69% at a flow rate of 0.0377 kg/s. The maximum theoretical thermal efficiency obtained is 73% at a flow rate of 0.0277 kg/s and 75% at a flow rate of 0.0377 kg/s. Application/Improvements: The results of this study show that there is a good potential for using solar energy as an alternative energy source in different applications such to generate electrical energy, to produce hot water and steam and in absorption adsorption cooling systems. 

Keywords: Performance of Solar Collector, Solarwater Heater, 2D CPC


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