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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2015, Volume: 8, Issue: 25, Pages: 1-6

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Analysis of the Humor Formation Elements Revealed in


The purpose of this study was to analyze humor formation elements and violence through the type of humor content and the three perspectives of humor asserted by Bergson. was chosen as a subject of analysis and the scenes of humor formation elements of the work were researched to conduct frequency analysis as a data collection method for the empirical analysis. This study conducted analysis through the correlations of humor content type of frequency analysis result, three perspectives of humor and violence. As for the analysis result, irony appeared mostly in the situation and verbal perspective as it appeared in a contradictory aspect that deviated from the situation that character faces. Also, there was one-sided violence being acted upon from the standpoint of attacker instead of punitive justice, and it alleviated tension through a unique idea in a critical situation. From the aspect of humor and movement, it showed lower numerical value compared to violence revealed in irony, situation and language. The foregoing is a result of humor being revealed in the scenes that show the characteristics of each character instead of the interaction between characters. With regards to wit, an element of humor appeared while establishing reversal and inversion according to the situation, and satire was found to be receiving punishment through violence. The result can be analyzed as follows. First, the contradictory tendency was predominant from the one-sided relation of power in the correlation between humor and violence, and violence shown in the standard of good and evil was revealed in punitive justice satirical type. Second, violence was hardly revealed in the situation that character faces and according personality and humor is formed based on the antisociality of inconsistency of the character's role and behavior. Third, it was found that violence and humor occurred at the point of alleviating the tension of incident with off the point idea.
Keywords: Character, Humor Situation, Violence 


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