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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2023, Volume: 16, Issue: Special Issue 2, Pages: 60-69

Original Article

Android-Based Woman Safety App

Received Date:23 March 2023, Accepted Date:26 June 2023, Published Date:02 November 2023


Background: The safety of women is a concern of increasing urgency in India and other countries. With increase in the crime rate against women, the rate of usage of technology also increases. Therefore, this research paper aims to find an approach where the increasing crime rate can be prevented. The best way is to give a technological way to this problem, and finally an android based App is designed and developed with title "Android-based Women safety app". Objectives: The main objective is to develop a prototype by taking reviews from women, design and implement it practically such that maximum help is achieved from police. The app will also help police in preventing the crimes from happening. Methods: In our proposed model we have provisions for connecting user’s map with Google map, thus the users are able to use all the features of the Google Map. Moreover, it may be connected to WhatsApp through which user can share live location along with an emergency message. At the same time, it can be shared as a WhatsApp status and thus user’s situation will be known to all the people she is associated, can read the emergency message and take necessary actions. In this proposed system we are using the tools already available in the market. Findings: This study stands out from different danger signal(SOS) in many ways. Some features which are supposed to be distinctive are finding out the nearest Police station, use of WhatsApp features etc. After taking feedback from a number of users we are confident that it can really make women safe and can reduce crime against them. 76.9% users have faith in digital technology and electronic devices and eager to use this system. These feedback encourage the researchers for more robust and easily operable system in the future. Novelty: This app shows the nearest police station with location and its distance from the user, raise an emergency alert, WhatsApp status and other facilities of social media can be used.

Keywords: Women Safety, Android Studio, Police Station, Women Safety App, Google Map


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