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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2015, Volume: 8, Issue: 28, Pages: 1-7

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Assessing the Indoor Environmental Quality in Shopping Areas with a Focus on Shopping Arcades Case of Pune, India


With increased environmental awareness and standard of living, aspects such as built environmental quality and thermal comfort have gained importance. The role of built environment is not limited to just providing shelter but has expanded to providing comfortable healthy environment. The indoor environmental quality and thermal comfort directly affect the health of occupant and utilisation of the space. Moreover, the built environment quality is directly proportional to energy efficiency and sustainability in buildings. Indoor environment quality is an important aspect to be considered in large commercial developments such as shopping centres, where there is a huge footfall. Shopping trends have changed over the years from shopping markets, plazas, arcades, shopping complexes to malls. The change is heading towards a more enclosed and air conditioned environment as compared to the older forms of shopping centres such as arcades and plazas. These arcades and plazas were designed as spaces that opened out and were naturally lit and ventilated; thereby were more energy efficient unlike the malls. However the changing trend is influencing developers and designers towards building malls which would eventually wipe out the arcades and plazas completely from the market. The commercial success of retail buildings is also dependent on the environment that is created. In order to continue using these older energy efficient forms, it is important to evaluate them and identify the associated problems. These problems can then be nullified through appropriate design solutions, upgrading theses spaces to the level of malls. In addition, it is in such typology of buildings where design is crucial as it is more dependent on the climate and environment outside. Pune is a city where various forms of shopping centres exist, such as street markets, shopping arcades, malls etc. The aim of the research is to evaluate the environmental quality in shopping arcades in Pune. Field measurements of environmental quality parameters such as temperature, humidity, wind speeds, light levels, CO2 levels were carried out in various shopping arcades. The study also explores whether lower ground floors can work as shopping spaces. The research identifies problems and design challenges associated with shopping arcades. The above study would give insights as to how environmental quality can be improved through design.
Keywords: Aspect Ratios, Daylight, Orientation, Indoor Air Quality, Openings, Shopping-arcades, Thermal Comfort


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