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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2015, Volume: 8, Issue: 14, Pages: 1-11

Original Article

Assessment of Waste in MEP Process through Work Sampling and Simulation


This paper aims to assess the waste present in execution of building services i.e., Mechanical Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) and suggest possible solutions to reduce them. Four ongoing projects were taken up for identification of waste types and quantification of waste was done on them. Works sampling was done and data from planning was used. Since the implementation of results in the site is not suggestible, so a simulation model which could be the replica of actual construction process is created and waste is assessed. STROBOSCOPE was used as a simulation tool for assessing effect of implementation of suggestions. Fire Protection System (FPS), one component of MEP, was chosen to develop a simulation model which could be the replica of actual construction process. Process improvement, resource constraints, process modification are evaluated using simulation. From results of work sampling it was found that only 20-24% of total time of worker was utilised in value adding works. Majority of their time (more than 40%) were spent on non-value adding works. After applying the improvement measures to the simulation model the FPS execution for one floor was improved from 22-23 days to 14-15 days and duration of non-value added activities were found to be reducing to greater extent. Hence it was concluded that the improvement suggested to reduce waste was effective and should be implemented to actual work site to find out the actual effect of it.

Keywords: MEP, Simulation, STROBOSCOPE, Waste, Work Sampling


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