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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2021, Volume: 14, Issue: 13, Pages: 1044-1055

Original Article

Chemical Reaction and Heat Source Effects on MHD Free Convective Flow over A Linearly Accelerated Moving Vertical Porous Plate

Received Date:05 February 2021, Accepted Date:08 April 2021, Published Date:25 April 2021


Objective: To make discussion on the chemical reaction and heat source effects on MHD flow on micro polar fluid along vertical porous plate. Method: The governing dimensionless equations are involved analytically by using finite element scheme. Findings: The effects of governing parameters on the flow variables are discussed quantitatively with the help of graphs for the flow field, temperature field, concentration field, skin friction and Nusselt number. Novelty: The accuracy of the problem has been verified by comparing with the previous published work and the agreement between the results is excellent, which established confidence in the numerical results reported in this study.

Keywords: Heat source parameter; Finite Element Method; MHD; chemical reaction parameter; viscous dissipation


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