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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2015, Volume: 8, Issue: 23, Pages: 1-13

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Combining Ability Analysis for Horticultural Traits in French Marigold


Background/Objectives: French marigold (T. patula) hardy annual, about 30 cm tall, forming a bushy plants are grown as a loose flower and a garden flower. Four male sterile lines and 18 diverse pollinators as tester were used to produce 72 F1 ’s. These crosses and parents were evaluated for different ornamental characteristics. Methods/Statistical Analysis: These F1 hybrids along with 22 parental lines were evaluated during the summer (2009) and rainy season (2009) in Randomized Block Design. Highly significant variances for all the traits indicated the sufficient variability was observed in the parental material for all the characters under study. Findings: Among male sterile lines, ms8 (summer season) and ms9 (rainy season) proved good general combiners, while testers Spray Mix -1, Bonita Bolero and Safari Queen were the best general combiners for both the seasons. However, cross combinations viz. ms8 x Hero, ms10 x Hero, ms10 x Cupidon Yellow, ms8 x Double Dwarf Lemon was the best in terms of specific combining ability during the summer. Whereas, during winter the combinations viz. ms9 x French Bonita-3, ms10 x French Bonita-3, ms9 x Bonita Bolero, ms8 x Sunkist and ms9 x French Bonita-2 were best specific combiners. In both the seasons, the ration of σ2 GCA/σ2 SCA was less than unity for all the characters showing the preponderance of dominance variance. Applications: Marigold is especially used for festive occasions, marriages, religious ceremonies, social function and in landscape plans because its having a wide range of attractive colours, shape and size having good keeping quality. Now a days, marigold is used as a source of pigment for poultry feed. Caretonoids is used as poultry feed mix and food colourant. Lutin, is major component of Caretonoid is having therapeutic values. Marigold cultivation controls the nematode population in as well as mosquito repellant products are also being used. The mean sum of square for parentsvs crosses in this study for all the traits during summer and rainy season indicated the presence of heterosis. Thus it is obvious that heterotic effects represent an important resource in hybrid breeding of French marigold.
Keywords: Combinig Ability, Carotene Content, GCA, Inbred Lines, Male Sterile Lines, Marigold, SCA


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