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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2023, Volume: 16, Issue: 33, Pages: 2642-2648

Original Article

Contra Soft g**- Continuous Functions in Soft Topological Spaces

Received Date:17 June 2023, Accepted Date:28 July 2023, Published Date:08 September 2023


Objectives: The goal of this paper is to introduce the ideas of Contra soft generalized** (briefly Contra soft g**). Continuous functions and almost Contra soft generalized** (briefly almost Contra soft g**) – Continuous functions in soft topological spaces. Additionally, we discussed some of its characteristics. Methods: To obtain the definition of contra soft g**- continuous functions, we used the previously introduced definition(1) (i.e. the inverse image of every soft closed set in FQ is soft g**-closed set in FP). Also, the inverse image of every soft g**-closed set in FQ is soft regular open in FP is almost contra soft g**-continuous functions. Findings: Using the existing contra soft continuous functions we find the new continuous functions namely contra soft g**-continuous functions and almost contra soft g**-continuous functions in soft topological spaces and also discuss their properties. Novelty: Some of the properties that are differentiated and discussed with the existing contra continuous functions and almost contra continuous functions in soft topological spaces. Also, the converse part of every property has been solved by the suitable example.

Keywords: Contra Soft g** - Continuous Functions; Almost Contra Soft g** - Continuous Function; Contra Soft g**-Open Map; Contra Soft g**-Closed Map; Contra Soft g**-Irresolute Map


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