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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2023, Volume: 16, Issue: 35, Pages: 2889-2893

Original Article

Cordial Labeling of Subdivision of Central Edge of Bistar Graph and Spider Graph

Received Date:23 March 2023, Accepted Date:02 August 2023, Published Date:25 September 2023


Objectives: To analyse cordial labelling of subdivision of central edge of bistar graph and Spider graph. Methods: Cordial labeling is defined as a function g : V (q ) ! f0;1g in which each edge ab is assigned the label jg(a)􀀀g(b)j with the conditions vg(0)􀀀vg(1)  1 and eg(0)􀀀eg(1)  1 1 where v g ( 0 ) and v g ( 1 ) signify the number of vertices with 0’s and 1’s, similarly eg (0) and eg (1) signify the number of edges with 0’s and 1’s. Findings: In this paper, it is proved that subdivision of central edge of Bistar graph and spider graph with n spokes admit cordial labeling. Novelty: We have subdivided the central edge of the bistar graph with a new vertex w and analyzed for cordial labeling. We have also proved spider graph with n spokes admit cordial labeling

Keywords: Star Graph; Bistar Graph; Subdivision; Spider Graph; Cordial Labeling


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