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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2016, Volume: 9, Issue: 41, Pages: 1-7

Original Article

Correlation of Knowledge and Attitude in Blood Donation and Organ Donation


Objectives: To examine the knowledge and attitude of nursing students toward blood and organ donation, and to study the influence of knowledge toward the blood and organ donation attitude and will to practice. Methods/Statistical Analysis: It is a descriptive correlation study. The collected data is analyzed using SPSSWIN 18.0. Blood and organ donation knowledge and attitude of subject were analyzed using t-test, ANOVA and Bonferroni post examination. The relationship between knowledge and attitude of blood and organ donation was calculated using Pearson correlation coefficients, and the influential factor toward brain dead organ donation attitude used multi regression analysis. Findings: The blood donation knowledge score of subject ranged between 6 to 13, average of 10.25(SD=1.75), blood donation attitude score was between 48 to 88, average of 67.17(SD=9.35). The brain dead organ donation knowledge score was between 0 and 11, average of 4.66(SD=2.50), and the brain dead organ donor attitude score was between 41-70, average of 51.82(SD= 5.83). Blood donation knowledge showed difference in blood type (F=2.74, p=.046), and blood donation experience(t=-2.13, p=.035) and the blood donation attitude showed difference in religion (t=-2.24, p=.027), future blood donation plan(t=-2.93, p=.004), chronic disease in family tree(t=2.02, p=.045) and to whom one wants to donate the organ(F=-2.68, p=.008). The brain dead organ donation knowledge had no significant variables, and the brain dead organ donation attitude had showed difference in future blood donation plan (t=-4.40, p<.001), desire for brain dead organ donation (F=14.29, p<.001), organ donation communication (t=-5.65, p<.001), intention to organ donation (t=-3.20, p=.002). As for the brain dead organ donation attitude, it had significant qualitative correlation to blood donation attitude (r=.24 p=.009). Improvements/ Applications: Therefore, to create positive social consensus and promote necessity of blood and organ donation, there is a need for specific promotion regarding the knowledge through mass media to the public.

Keywords: Nursing Students, Blood Donation, Organ Donation, Attitude, Knowledge


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