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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2016, Volume: 9, Issue: 48, Pages: 1-4

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Cost Effective Air Quality Monitoring System Based on Xbee Wireless Sensor Networks


Background/Objectives: Owing to an enormous technological advancement, much research has been done in the communication field related to the Internet Of Things (IOT). Wireless Sensor Network devices (WSN) are the independent devices which can be used to monitor the physical and the environmental conditions for a wide array of applications across different fields. With advancement in technology and increase in population, Air pollution is the most important environmental problem which affects the human lives. Methods: LSM (Least Square method) is used to process the sensor data in order to get the accuracy. The sensors like CO₂, CO are used to detect the air pollution levels. For monitoring the air pollution constantly, the WSN nodes with Zigbee communication have been deployed. Xbees are used to transmit and receive the data from one node to another. Arduino Mega will be acting as a web server in-order to store the data into the cloud or server and will be used to connect the IP-enabled device to monitor the pollution. The values detected by the sensors will be accessed or monitored through the IP enabled Android device with an ‘Android App’. Findings: The Air pollution monitoring systems currently available now are very costly. Hence, an indoor air quality monitoring system is proposed using an Arduino and Zigbee modules, and gas sensors, which is very cost-effective. The possibility of the real-time monitoring and tracking levels of the pollutants in different time periods is also done. Improvements/Applications: This method reduces the process and observation noises and also increases the data accuracy.

Keywords: Air Pollution, Internet Of Things, Least Square Based Method, Wireless Sensor Networks


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