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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2021, Volume: 14, Issue: 44, Pages: 3254-3263

Original Article

Design and Develop Amharic Language Interface to Database

Received Date:15 July 2021, Accepted Date:04 November 2021, Published Date:22 December 2021


Background/Objectives: Information has become part of our existence and to access the information from database we need to be skilled with database query languages such as SQL. Hence in this study we propose Amharic Language Interface to Database (ALIDB). Here, the request is simple like asking a human to do so in a local language (Amharic). Method: So far, different techniques such as pattern matching, syntax based, semantic grammar based and Intermediate Representation Language systems have been used to develop NLIDB. Among these techniques, the study employed pattern matching and similarity checking for developing Amharic language text retrieval from the Database. Findings: The result of the experiment shows 91% accuracy. However, the scheme has no impact on Amharic temporal queries. Further development will be done on the algorithm that includes temporal queries in ALIDB. Novelty: Finally we identified 20 rules and thereby contributed a new pattern / algorithm for this language that converts Amharic sentence into a Structured Query Language (SQL) and fetch results from the Database.

Keywords: Amharic Language; Database interface; DBMS; NLIDB; NLP


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