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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2016, Volume: 9, Issue: 29, Pages: 1-6

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Developing a Hydraulic Machine for Effective use of Reservoir Energy in Offshore Production


Background/Objectives: The objective of this research is developing a new hydraulic machine for effective use of reservoir energy in offshore production. The research procedure also implies development and testing of hydraulic machine micromodels. Methods: Analytical and experimental research methods that are used aim at discovering the process of fluid flow through a permeable barrier. The uniqueness of the considered method of energy conversion is the use of a turbine, where main fluid flow is acceptable through a blade. The blade itself may be in the form of a permeable mesh that is fixed onto a hydraulic machine rotor. Findings: Research and design results proved the possibility of developing a new hydraulic machine that is meant for effective use of reservoir energy in gas and oil production. The innovation of the developed technical solutions was certified by patents. A power action of a fluid flow on a permeable barrier is usually studied in relation to thermodynamic and aerodynamic processes with a straightforward flow. This research, unlike any other known studies, deals with a shift from a straight motion to rotative motion. According to the outcomes and with regard to the rotative motion of a permeable wall, one can develop a new class of hydraulic machines having unique properties. A drastic reduction in rotor mass is achieved here, which allows developing compact turbines, pumps, compressors and dynamic separators. Simple structure and cost effectiveness of such machines make them attractive for solving production tasks in offshore gas and oil fields. Application/Improvements: Primary application of the developed machinery includes offshore gas and oil productions. We plan to use our research and design results for developing new machines and technologies.
Keywords: Hydraulic Machine, Oil Production, Reservoir Energy, Turbine, Turbine Cascade, Technical Solution


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