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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2021, Volume: 14, Issue: 22, Pages: 1829-1838

Original Article

Fault Detection and Troubleshooting in a PV Grid-Tied Inverter

Received Date:19 April 2021, Accepted Date:14 May 2021, Published Date:21 June 2021


Objectives: Present work envisages fault detection along with troubleshooting methodologies confirmed in solar photovoltaic workshop for grid-tied three-phase inverters. Only innovative inventions are not only necessary for the society to become advanced but also to continue the modern electrical evolution with zero carbon. Methods: Here with the help of sungrow software DSP1_20_VA_J & IDM- AC Fm ver the inverter sends a notification about the fault with a fault status code to the HMU/LCD display. As per fault severity it may completely shut down or partially operate the inverter with reduced load. After the fault rectification manually by the site operator again it restores the power and inject power to the grid. Finding: Here with the help of sungrow software DSP1_20_VA_J &IDM- AC Fm ver we find various types of faults with the nature of faults i.e. insulation fault, leakage current fault, over voltage/under voltage fault, frequency faults, temperature fault, islanding with its rectification process. The major, minor, and cautionary faults and their troubleshooting procedures are elucidated in the present study with coding of faults, and its alarm level. Novelty: In previous researches, the fault identification was not done properly; as a result the inverters are tripping frequently. The present software helps to detect fault of the inverter within 0.023 millisecond and send a message to the service engineer for rectification. The present research can be of immense help to the service engineers and field workers working on solar photo voltaic sector considering popularity of photovoltaic units.


Solar power plant, Grid tied inverters, Fault finding, Trouble shooting


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