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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2018, Volume: 11, Issue: 14, Pages: 1-22

Original Article

Difficulties in the Sample Preparation and Testing of Modified Soils


Objectives: To identify difficulties during sample preparation and testing of the reinforced stabilized soils; and provide appropriate solutions to these difficulties. Methods: Sandy and clayey soils were used as base materials; while cement, lime, gypsum were used as stabilizing agents whereas, wheat straw and polypropylenes were used as reinforcing agents. Zero to ten percent of the modifying agents was mixed into the soil for sample preparation in different combinations. Difficulties in the sample preparation and testing as compared to untreated soil were particularly noted for consistency, Triaxial and electrical conductivity tests. Findings: It was observed that it is difficult to break all the lumps in the cohesive soils, it is less likely to achieve a homogeneous mix composition at the micro level, the layering effect during compaction may not be fully avoided, preparation of loose samples with dry pluviation method is difficult as compared to wet pluviation method, higher contents of fibre resulted to roughness of the samples, curing and soaking of gypsum stabilized soils cannot be carried out in water, achieving the required degree of saturation in the cemented samples is relatively difficult at conventional pressure during saturation ramp, higher content of fibre and cementing agents results to fluctuations in the consistency parameters, surface roughness and inadequate surcharge loading results to variation in the electrical conductivity characteristics, surface pores in the loosely cemented samples and sharp edges of the samples results to membrane puncture during Triaxial compression. identification and possible solutions of the reported various difficulties during sample preparation and testing for a wider range makes it unique and novel and value addition to the existing knowledge. Application: The proposed solutions recommended in the present study may be of significance in the preparation and testing of reinforced stabilized soils in reflecting the actual behaviour of the composite materials. 

Keywords: Difficulties, Reinforcement, Sample Preparation, Soils, Testing, Stabilization


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