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Effect of Stress Relief on Pile Capacity in Soft Clay
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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2020, Volume: 13, Issue: 9, Pages: 1089 – 1097

Original Article

Effect of Stress Relief on Pile Capacity in Soft Clay


Objective/methods: Pile load test is commonly carried out at ground level assuming that using sleeve eliminates shaft resistance within the planned excavation area. But these tests do not capture the effect of stress relief due to excavation. So to study its effect on pile behavior, three numerical simulations were carried out using finite element method. The first simulation (L_Ground) was carried out at the ground level. The second simulation (L_Sleeve) was conducted using sleeve in the planned excavation area. The length of sleeve was taken equal to the depth of basement. The third simulation (L_ Excavation) was carried out after excavation at the formation level.

Findings/application: It was found that QLE is 85% of QLS so when tests are conducted by using a sleeve, pile capacity is overestimated. QLG is 74% of QLS which is less than QLE. Because after excavation, soil particles around the pile are stiffer so capacity is increased. At ground level, at working load shaft carries about 77% load. When the load is increased and reaches the ultimate value end bearing contributes more than the shaft resistance. On the other hand, for sleeved pile, at working load shaft and end bearing carries about 80 and 20% load, respectively. But at ultimate load, shaft carries 55% load which is still greater than that carried by end bearing. While after excavation, at working load shaft carries about 86% load. When ultimate load is reached the load distribution is similar to sleeved pile. In the case of ground level and excavation, the shaft resistance has been fully mobilized at the load less than QLS that is about 74 and 86% of QLS, respectively. These results will help to estimate the pile capacity in a better way.

Keywords: Stress Relief, Pile Capacity, Soft Clay.


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