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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2016, Volume: 9, Issue: 48, Pages: 1-5

Original Article

Effect of Wind on Multi Storey Buildings of Different Shapes


Objective of the Study: To study and analyse the effect of wind load on different shape of the building and asses the most structurally stable shape of a multi storey structure. Method: The present study deals with the buildings of seven different shapes: Rectangular; L; U; T; I; Plus and Non-uniform IS: 875 (Part 3)-1987 is the standard code of practice for design loads of buildings and structures which was used to calculate the gust factor. Further, all these shapes were analyzed using Staad. Pro 2007 software. Each building is a 50 storied building with storey height as 3m summing upto a total height of 150m. For, the purpose of analysis the plan area and stiffness of the columns were kept equal. Dead loads and Live loads were calculated by using the code IS: 875-1987 (Part 1, 2) respectively. By using the Indian standard codes the combinations of loads were taken. Parameters like Storey drift, Joint displacement, Intensity, Bending moment are used for the assessment. Based on this study it can be established that the shape of structure plays a very important role in resisting wind loads Findings: Plus Shape and Non uniform shape were the most stable shapes whereas L-shape and U-shape was the least stable of all the shapes. More the stiffness of the building more will be its stability. Storey drift and joint displacement increases with increase in height. A reduction in Shear force and bending moment was detected with the increase of height. Application: With the increase in population and shortage of land, it has become necessary to construct high rise buildings. Wind load plays an important role in tall structures while designing buildings. Thus, to understand and analyses the wind effect on structures.
Keywords: Gust, High Rise Buildings, Shape, Storey Drift, Wind Load


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