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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2016, Volume: 9, Issue: 40, Pages: 1-7

Original Article

Effects of Overseas Volunteering Programs on Meaning of Life, Subjective Happiness and Professional Self Concept of College Students


Objectives: This study investigated effects of 2 weeks of overseas volunteering programs, taken by college students in public health on meaning of life, subjective happiness, and professional self-concept. Methods/Statistical Analysis: Subjects were those students who participated or did not participate in a college-administered 2 weeks of overseas volunteering program. A part of descriptive survey was used and values in repeats and variance analysis were measured to collect data. Values of professional images, meaning of life, subjective happiness were collected and verified according to each developer’s standards. Collected data was analyzed using SPSS Program 18.0. Descriptive statistics was applied for general characteristics of subjects, and variable changes between groups were analyzed with repetitive measurements and variance analysis. Findings: Our study was a descriptive survey showing changes in meaning of life, subjective happiness and professional self-concept after students in public heath took part in overseas volunteering programs. Such programs generated long-term effects of self-esteem as a global leader and citizen, mental happiness, inner calmness and subjective happiness onto participants. Those programs also brought positive changes in entire life of female students. With promotion of such programs students should be given opportunities to keep passion, confidence, and positive life attitude. Under the meaning of life entry, significant differences in population (F=1.507, p=>.001, η2=.223), survey period (F=31.94, p=>.001, η2=.441), and combined population and survey period (F=5.417, p=.006, η2=.118) were found. Under the subjective happiness entry, Significant differences in population (F=5.442, p=.022, η2=.062), survey period (F=98.21, p=>.001, η2=.708), and combined population and survey period (F=4.259, p=.017, η2=.095) were also found. These results, therefore, demonstrated that college students in public health gave positive assertions to meaning of life, their satisfaction level with their own life was higher in general, and their inner changes stayed longer. Improvements/Applications: Our results strongly indicated that, overseas volunteering programs gave participating students opportunities for changes of their own inner selves.
Keywords: College Students in Public Health, Meaning of Life, Professional Self Concept, Subjective Happiness, Volunteer Activities


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