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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2016, Volume: 9, Issue: 40, Pages: 1-4

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Enlarge Storing Concept in an Efficient Handoff Allocation during Travel by Time Based Algorithm


Objectives: During travelling mobile hosts move from one cell to another cell, to deliver continuous service, the new cell would have sufficient channels to support the ongoing communication of the mobile hosts that moved into the cell. If channels are statically allocated, a cell may run out of channels when large number of mobile hosts moves to a cell, thus degrading the quality of service. Because allocation of cells statically without knowing the proper information hold most cells so it will decrease the quality of service of cellular network. Methods/Statistical Analysis: To overwhelm this problem, dynamic channel allocation methods have been proposed which allocate channels to cells on request, thus cumulative channel consumption and hence improving the quality of service. This scheme aimed at minimizing the effect of assigned channels on the availability of them in order to use in the interfering cells and reduce their overall reuse distance. Findings: The system shows better performance when the channels are distributed uniformly/non-uniformly with queues using the frequency reuse scheme. In order to support QoS in cellular networks it is a significant issue to allocate the communication channels efficiently because the bandwidth allocated for the cellular communication. The existing system used channel allocation system, based on traffic and priority, but it is not enough. Applications/Improvements: The proposed system is designed based on the time of entering of the cellular node in a new allocated cell and the time period for the particular cell stayed in the previous cell. So it is better for the travelling cellular networks. This research work focus only on a class of applications needing hard QoS guarantee. A more interesting work will address how to allocate.
Keywords: Dynamic Channel, Mobile Hosts, Network, Prioritization Schemes, Resource Allocation, QOS


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