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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2019, Volume: 12, Issue: 24, Pages: 1-14

Original Article

Estimation of Heritability in F2 Generation of Bread Wheat (TriticumaestivumL.)


Objectives: To estimate the heritability in a broad sense and the genetic advance F2 generation of bread wheat. Methods/Statistical Analysis: The collected data were statistically analyzed for analysis of variance by Gomez and Gomez, heritability in a broad sense and the genetic advance was worked out after Falconer. Findings: The results showed that genotypes parents, percent x crosses were highly significant at 0.01 level for days to 75% heading, days to 90% maturity, plant height (cm), tiller plant1 , spike length (cm), spikelet spike-1, grain spike-1, grain yield plant-1 (g), Biological yield and harvest index (%) while seed index (1000 grain weight, g) showed non-significant for parents vs crosses. Mean performance of six commercial and F2 hybrids revealed that early heading (62.2) presented by Kiran-95 and his F2 hybrids (59.95%), days to 75% heading taken by Benazir x TD-1, minimum days (114.8) to 90% maturity shown by variety TJ-83, dwarf plant (59.82cm) shown by variety Hamal. The maximum tiller plant-1 (13.76) produced by cross Benazir x TD-1, longer spike length (9.95cm) shown by the variety Kiran-95, while the genotype TD-1 produced maximum number of spikelet spike-1 (20.76), maximum grain spike-1 (56.03) highest grain yield plant-1 (30.53 g) and highest biological yield was obtained from the cross TD-1 x Sindhu. Highest weight for 1000-grain was recorded for TD-1, (50.20). The highest biological yield was shown by Benazir (61.03g). Among the hybrids, higher grain yield plant-1 displayed by Sindhu x Kiran-95, within the F2 population maximum harvest index of 56.45% was observed in Sindhu x TJ-83. The cross Benazir x TD-1 showed higher heritability for tiller plant-1, spike length, spikelets spike-1 and harvest index. While Benazir x Sindhu exhibited higher heritability for grain spike-1, plant height. Variety TD-1, Kiran-95, and Sindhu may be selected in further breeding programs and crossed Benazir x TD-1 could be evaluated in the subsequent generation and selection could be made on spikelets spike-1 and harvest index. Application/Improvements: The variety TD-1 performs better in spikelets spike-1, grains spike-1, grain yield plant-1, seed index, while variety Kiran-95 had higher in spike length, and harvest index.

Keywords: Bread Wheat, F2 Generation, Genetic Advance, Heritability


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