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Flip Flop and Double Substitution based Textual Encryption
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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2020, Volume: 7, Issue: Supplementary 4, Pages: 52–55

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Flip Flop and Double Substitution based Textual Encryption


Data transmission has become very common in human’s daily life. This data transmission can be confidential or the data may be intended for a section of people. The data that is intended to be transmitted to a particular recipient should be read only by the corresponding person and not anyone else. For this reason, the best way to protect the data is by encryption. This provides security from stealing of data. This paper deals with a mechanism to encrypt a data using flip-flops and double substitution method. The basic idea to obtain blocks of plain text and then use T-flip-flops along with double substitution to result in a convincing cipher text. The result is a cipher text obtained by using plaintext itself for encryption. This algorithm can be used to transmit bit sequence of any length, thus ensuring the usage of bandwidth to desirable level. This method may result in an Electronic Code Book (ECB). The keys used will be asymmetric. The receiver just follows the steps in reverse order to retrieve the data or plaintext from the received cipher text.

Keywords: Cipher Text, ECB, Encryption, Plaintext, Substitution Method, T-flip-flop


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