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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2016, Volume: 9, Issue: 24, Pages: 1-6

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Form-Finding of Tensegrity Structures based on Force Density Method


Background/Objectives: Determining equilibrium configuration of a tensegrity structure is known as form-finding. This paper critically reviews various form-finding techniques based on force density method. Methods/ Statistical Analysis: The most appropriate method out of all the form-finding methods, to ascertain new formation of tensegrity structures is Force density method. The techniques based on Force density method such as Advanced form-finding method, Adaptive force density method, Form-finding via Genetic algorithm and Algebraic tensegrity form-finding are reviewed in detail along with scope, limitation and suitability of each method. Findings: This paper lists out the input and output parameters of each technique and comparing the effectiveness of each. Most of these methods require only type of the member (tension or compression) and topology of the tensegrity structure provided by connectivity matrix as initial parameters. Formfinding of regular shaped structures such as cable domes is best performed by Advanced form-finding method. Adaptive form-finding method is found to be efficient for irregular shaped structures and also to search novel configurations. Formfinding by means of genetic algorithm provides solutions for regular shaped tensegrity structures. Algebraic method is found to be highly efficient and automated general method among all the form-finding methods discussed in this paper. A structure’s evolving geometry can be better regulated by this method. Applications/ Improvements: This paper presents the techniques which require minimum initial parameters for form-finding of tensegrity structures which also helps in choice of methods based on known parameters of the structure
Keywords: Eigen values, Force Density, Form-Finding, New Configuration, Tensegrity


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