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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2016, Volume: 9, Issue: Special Issue 1, Pages: 1-6

Original Article

Functional and Semantic Characteristic of Marker-N in Turkic Languages


Background: The article presents comparative and historical description of the polysemy and multifunctionality of indicators with formant -n that may be found in one or more grammatical groups and are characteristic of agglutinative languages.The semantic unity of the root and affixal morpheme is the basis for the formation of the whole wordbuilding, morphological and inflectional system of the language, whereas the structure of this system reflects the gradual development of affixes.Methods: The article focuses on the word-formation potential, as well as the semantics of the abovementioned marker in Old Turkic language, Kazakh language, its dialects and other Turkic languages. The authors also studied how this affix can operate in two or more grammatical groups. The authors consider the role and function of formant -n in different lexical and grammatical groups of Kazakh and other Turkic languages. Findings: This article analyzes semantic phenomenon caused by this formant. The authors claim that one cannot study the semantics of affixes in Turkic languages in isolation. Since its concept might affect the usage area of a particular lexeme, its tasks, which in its turn somehow changes the meaning of a word. This may refer to word-building, inflectional features, as well as co-occurrence. Improvements: The novelty of the proposed method stems from the fact that the conducted research allowed us to describe the linguistic development of suffixes and prefixes which has made it possible to learn more about derivational characters of morphemes evolving from a specific meaning, its wider usage, and an increase in the number of semantic groups where this affix can be found.
Keywords: Affix, Kazakh Language, Suffix, Turkic Languages, Word Formation


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