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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2015, Volume: 8, Issue: 5, Pages: 460–465

Original Article

Gesture Controlled Robot using MEMS Accelerometer for Eradication of Weeds


Robots are playing a vital role in today’s industrial automation and monitoring system. As technology developed these robots have increased their applications and functionality. Working robots will cooperate to the people makes the work more ­effortless and uncomplicated. This paper provides 4 different gestures for controlling the robots, i.e., forward, ­backward, left, right. For cutting weeds a gripper concept using buttons is anticipated. These movements are given by the user ­using MEMS accelerometer. The MEMS accelerometer will be set to the hand. Whenever the hand moves in some direction, the mechanical movement of the hand will be recognized by MEMS. MEMS translate this mechanical hand movement into equivalent electrical signals and send it to the PIC microcontroller. The PIC microcontroller at the transmitter side sends control signals to the receiver side through RF TRANSCEIVER. The controller at the receiver area receives these signals and gives direction to the robot. This type of robot is used in the crop filed to cut the weeds as per the user command.

Keywords: Accelerometer, MEMS-Micro Electro Mechanical System, PIC Microcontrollers, RF TRANSCEIVER


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