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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2016, Volume: 9, Issue: 46, Pages: 1-6

Original Article

Ignition Characteristics of a Burner with 2-Level Combustion Spaces


Objectives: Since incineration of livestock excretions generates pollutants as necessity, it is important to develop a burner for reducing pollutants. 2-stage approaches, in which dry gas from 1st incineration stage is combusted, again at 2nd incineration stage, are widely used to reduce pollutants. Our work is for a burner used in 2nd stage. Methods/Statistical Analysis: For complete combustion we suggested the burner architecture with 2-level combustion spaces and designed its prototype. Basic architecture has two separated spaces and one is for slow combustion and another is for fast combustion. That leads to stable ignition and prohibits generation of pollutants. In the prototype, the ratio of diameters for heating, incomplete, and complete space is 1:2:5. To help complete combustion incoming gas can be heated and incoming air to combustion spaces is controlled, based on status of the burner in 1st stage incineration. Findings: A prototype has been implemented to verify the performance of suggested burner. We give a way to calculate the amount of air needed to completely combust waste and the corresponding capacity of an air blower. For example, the amount of air for pig excretions 100kg/h is 124.7 m3 /h and an air blower with the diameter 150mm generates air volume 7~30m3/min. On the other hand, only when temperature of 1st burner decreases within a tolerance, incoming gas is heated to 600 degree by electric coil. For simplicity experiments with petroleum gas is performed in different conditions. According to experiments, ignition rate is about 100% for heating condition and gas concentration more than 20%. For no heating, ignition rate is 95%. Improvements/Applications: Small business of livestock needs fast and least expensive way for processing waste and incineration is an alternative way. Our burner aimed at 2nd combustion of dry gas in incineration. Particularly, it is costeffective in incineration of livestock excretions.

Keywords: Air Volume, Burner, Heat Control, 2-Level Combustion, Pollutants, 2-Stage Incinerations


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