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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2011, Volume: 4, Issue: 12, Pages: 1726-1731

Original Article

Improve the performance efficiency of solar cell by using epoxy plates doped with Rhodamine 6G dye


In this study the Luminescent Solar Concentrator (LSC) plates have been prepared with different thickness and concentration of dye Rhodamine 6G, by dissolving R6G dye in epoxy resin directly without dissolving the dye into a solvent first. This step of solving is the first of solving dye directly without any solvent used to solve the dye. The optical properties of dye doped and undoped epoxy and its applicability in solar cell were studied too. By using these plates on the solar cells, it was observed an increase in the solar cell efficiency up to 63.9% for (LSC) of (2mm) thickness and (5x10-3 mol/L) concentration of the dye. The largest increase in the performance efficiency is 126.7% for (LSC) of (4.5mm) thickness and (5x10-5mol/L) concentration of the dye. The reasons for the increase in solar cell performance efficiency were studied and discussed.
Keywords: Luminescent Solar Concentrator; Optical properties; Solar cells; Epoxy; Rhodamine 6G dye. 


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