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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2023, Volume: 16, Issue: 42, Pages: 3721-3726

Original Article

In Vitro Evaluation of Antifungal Activity of Synthesized Novel Zn(II) Complex with Schiff base Ligand

Received Date:19 February 2023, Accepted Date:11 September 2023, Published Date:12 November 2023


Objectives : The current study is concerned with creating a Zn(II) complex with a novel schiff base ligand and to evaluate the Zn(II) metal complex's in-vitro antifungal efficacy against Candida albicans, Candida glabrata, Candida krusei, and Candida tropicali. Methods : N, N’-bis(2-hydroxy-3-methoxybenzaldehyde)-2-phenyl-1,3-propanediamine was synthesized by using 2-hydroxy-3-methoxybenzaldehyde and 2-phenyl-1,3-propanediamine. Metal precursor Zn(OAc)2.2H2O react with the ligand to form Zn(II) metal complex. The structure of the synthesis complex was confirmed by elemental analysis i.e. 1H-NMR, IR and MS spectroscopy. Findings : Zn(II) schiff base complexes have unique characteristics and unusual reactivity, which operate as a foundation for the development of complex molecules with potential use in a wide range of applications. One of the most typical fungal infections is candidiasis. The findings suggest that the Zn(II) metal complex could be a promising antifungal agent. Novelty: Characterization and unique properties of the newly synthesized zinc complex and its potential as a novel class of antifungal agent.

Keywords: Schiff Base, N, N'­bis(2­hydroxy­3­methoxybenzaldehyde)­2­phenyl­1, 3­propanediamine, Antifungal, Candidiasis, Candida


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