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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2012, Volume: 5, Issue: 3, Pages: 1-7

Original Article

Insulin response of Diabetic Pregnant Women: Analysis of saliva by FTIR study


This paper presents the FTIR spectral study of saliva of normal and diseased (diabetes) and its use in differentiating those pregnant women on insulin therapy. FTIR saliva spectra were recorded over the region 4000-400 cm-1 on a Spectrum one Perkin Elmer FTIR spectrometer. Saliva samples were collected from 20 volunteers in each set of age group 25 to 35. From the spectral study, the absorbance values of the diseased and normal saliva samples were compared. The spectral differences of intensity ratio parameters were introduced and the results were discussed. In order to find the efficacy, the absorption values of the specific bands of the spectra of normal and diabetic pregnant women were compared and the internal ratio parameter R1( I1653/I1410), R2(I2931/I547), R3(I2931/I1410), R4(I2931/I3292),R5(I3292/I547) were calculated , and the result observed for diabetic pregnant women after insulin therapy (i.e., 3 hrs and 7 days) was almost similar to that of the normal pregnant women. Besides, the intensity of absorption peaks of the diabetic pregnant women before administration of insulin, after intake of insulin (3hrs) and after insulin therapy (7 days) were considered in which the intensity ratio parameters R1( I1544/I1075), R2 (I1544/I1224), R3(I2931/I1075), R4(I3292/I1075), R5(I3292/I1224), were calculated. The observed absorbance values increased in diabetic pregnant women initially, but slightly decreased after insulin therapy 3 hrs and further decreased after 7 days compared to normal pregnant women. Thus, striking spectral differences (in terms of intensity value) observed between saliva of normal, diseased subjects when analysed after insulin therapy. The comparison of these values showed that the spectra of normal and diabetic pregnant women before and after therapy are different and the vibrational analyses were carried out. It is concluded that FTIR may be applied to indicate the changes in the salivary pattern of the diabetic pregnant women with insulin therapy.
Keywords: Saliva, normal pregnant women, diabetic pregnant women, insulin, FTIR spectroscopic analysis.


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