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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2024, Volume: 17, Issue: 3, Pages: 204-214

Original Article

Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Physicians Towards Yoga: A Self Determination Theory Approach

Received Date:19 June 2022, Accepted Date:03 June 2023, Published Date:12 January 2024


Objectives: To study the perceptions of practicing physicians towards yoga through knowledge, attitude and practice (KAP) survey, integrated with autonomy, competence, and relatedness domains of Self Determination Theory (SDT). Method: Online KAP survey based on SDT was designed and administered to 187 physicians (103 allopathy and 84 AYUSH). Purposive snowball sampling was followed by contacting participants through social media. Findings: The KAP survey tool had high reliability of Cronbach’s alpha 0.95. While competence of yogic knowledge was considerably higher in AYUSH doctors owing to the curriculum prescribed, it was found that allopathic doctors exhibited more inclination towards preventive and rehabilitative treatment from yoga. A large number of allopathic practitioners advocated yoga’s long-term psychological and physiological effects, which may have influenced their attitude toward developing competence and motivation to integrate yoga into the mainstream public health program. AYUSH doctors exhibited higher implementation of yoga in their practice due to increased relatedness in comparison to allopathic practitioners. Passivity in implementation through prescription in allopathy may be attributed to stereotypical regulations of medical bodies governing the autonomy of doctors, and a lack of awareness of the empiricism and scientific principles of yoga. Novelty: This study provides insights into the knowledge, attitude, and practice towards yoga of allopathy and AYUSH physicians, and also enables us to understand the intrinsic motivation factors that shape physicians’ inclinations to involve yoga in their clinical practices.

Keywords: Self­determination theory, Public health policy, AYUSH, Motivation, KAP survey


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