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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2015, Volume: 8, Issue: Supplementary 6, Pages: 1-8

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Leadership Communication Strategies for Establishing Social Harmony and Sustainable Development – Mr. Narendra Modi as a Case Study


Leadership has been defined in different ways by different persons. Effective leadership today is seen as essential for running successfully a business as also ensuring the progress of a nation. The 21st C is witnessing a sea change in businesses and societies on account of rapid progress in information and technology. Business leaders need to restructure businesses to suit the changed scenario and tight budgets, learn to adapt to different cultures and work practices, and use technology constructively to ensure sustainable businesses. They have to communicate strategically the vision and motivate employees. National leaders or heads of nations have to do away with the 20th C practice of speaking from their political party’s point of view, and speak from the nation’s point of view. They must think in terms of how to solve their nation’s problems and how to change, if necessary, the nation’s mind set for implementation of the solutions. They must communicate persuasively and unite the nation as one team for achieving objectives and dreams. The paper reflects on Mr Narendra Modi’s communication strategies as the new leader of India in his capacity as its Prime Minister and their suitability for leading India towards sustainable development.
Keywords: Communication Strategies, Effective Leadership, Nation’s Viewpoint Versus Individual Political Party’s Ideology


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