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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2015, Volume: 8, Issue: 12, Pages: 1-6

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Location as Attribute and Re-Encryption-Based Secure and Scalable Mechanism for Mobile based Applications in Cloud


When outsourcing the data on to public cloud by data owner from mobile devices which are resource constrained a secure method of encryption model has to be used. As the mobile devices are resource constrained a trusted model is been deployed as an intermediate between mobile user and cloud service provider. The trusted model takes care of securely encrypting, Re-encrypting (upon the criticality of data) the data and uploading on to the cloud and then providing the data to the authenticated user upon his request. Different type of encryption techniques provide security for the data. The choice of encryption technique is made by comparative analysis between different attribute based encryption techniques like Cipher Policy based Encryption (CP-ABE), Location as a attribute encryption key policy based Encryption (KP-ABE). It is found to be the best to provide the required level of security for data outsourcing. The parameters that play a significant role in this technique is obtaining the current latitude and longitude position of the user who want to access the data. If the user is in authenticated location then access can be granted for the data. For this an android application has been developed and a trusted model with data base for storing the data, Re-encrypted data and secure keys for data security. The algorithm used for encrypting the data is RSA algorithm which is a public key encryption technique. If user wants to retrieve his data which is uploaded onto cloud he sends the filename to trusted model and he downloads the encrypted text from cloud, runs decryption algorithm and sends user data to user. If any exceptional case where user tries to access other user’s data trusted model simply sends an error message to user who is trying to hack the data and trusted model intimates data owner regarding data hack and Mac-Id of device who is trying to hack. So we can confirm that data encryption is done based on Mac-Id of device. 

Keywords: Cloud Computing, Cryptography, Mobile Computing, Scalability, Security


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